Dragon Yacht Building Ltd. which locates in Tainan, south- Taiwan, was established in 1986.
After 36 years of hard-working, the Dragon Yacht Building Ltd., has made a great achievement.
The Dragon products include fiberglass passenger ferry boats, fiberglass pleasure boats, fiberglass fishing boats, and luxury yacht.

Up to now, the Dragon has built more than 200 passenger ferry boats with various standard-levels,
such as ferry of 200 tons, 100 tons, 50 tons and 20 tons.
Customers of the Dragon are very satisfied with the shape,
the performance and the durability of each yacht.

Right now, the passenger ferry of the Dragon are sailing around the sea areas of Taiwan,
in the Dan Shu, Taipei, Sun Mon Lake, Taichung ,Penghu and Matsu, to name just a few.

Honesty, safety, quality and good services are the guiding principles of the Dragon Yacht Building Ltd.